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Do you take criminal defense cases?

Frequently Asked Questions

No. But, we do take criminal appeals, including Habeas Corpus cases.

We charge different fees depending on the type of case. Our work is charged hourly, and the rates are determined based on who is doing the work (ex. an attorney or a paralegal).

In general, we do not provide free services (pro bono). You can visit the official court websites for free legal clinics. There are also groups and organizations that provide free legal services.

Not usually. It depends on the complexity and estimated length of your case. We ask that you let us know if you are looking for a contingency arrangement when you contact us.

No. Immigration cases can be especially complex and require a specific level of expertise. We recommend that you find an attorney or group that specializes in immigration law.

What are your fees?

Do you provide free services?

Do you offer contingency fees?

Do you take immigration cases?

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